We have successfully completed the candidacy process for accreditation and have been awarded status as a CAATE accredited undergraduate Athletic Training Education Program. We are now one of two CAATE accredited institutions in the state of Arizona, and the only state institution with such a program.

Northern Arizona University offers a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training through the Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) as well as clinical opportunities in Flagstaff and around the state of Arizona. All students, must apply for admission to the ATEP during their freshman or sophomore year in school. The selection process for admittance into the ATEP is highly competitive. Once selected and enrolled in the ATEP, students will be exposed to diverse clinical rotations both in Flagstaff and around the state including but not limited to NAU, Community College, and High School Athletic Training rooms as well as various allied healthcare settings. Senior students are required to complete their clinical rotations outside of Flagstaff.


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Glenn Edgerton
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2006 Arizona Board of Regents, Northern Arizona University
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